AMI (Artificial Marketing Intelligence) helps you do more with your data.
Our goal? Lower your acquisition costs.

Phase 1

Data Enrichment

SolSource’s team of data scientists enrich historical leads & transactions to uncover additional consumer data points.

Phase 2

Data Discovery

Develop & deliver a comprehensive Customer Segmentation Report.

Phase 3

Data in Action

The SolSource team will uncover data trends and present the Customer Segmentation Report with a recommended action plan to enhance sales and marketing efforts.

Customer Segmentation Report

SolSources’s team of data scientists enrich your first-party customer data to deliver a comprehensive Customer Segmentation Report. We aim to achieve the following goals: 

  • Understand trends by indexing both leads and transactions against various economic, persona & demographic attributes. See example.
  • Address key questions such as: Of the 900,000 issued appointments across 94 markets and 245,000 sales, where is our opportunity at the market-level?
  • Utilize enriched customer data to strengthen dynamic content and audience targeting efforts, especially as it relates to targeted direct mail, digital lookalike audiences, geo-fencing and email campaigns.

Data Discovery


Understand your customer’s behaviors and motivations to purchase.


With an ESI score, you can prioritize contacts & leads based on economic factors.


Understand your customers’ demographic profiles such as ethnicity, marital status, length of residency, and more.


Consumer persona data uncovers how your consumers operate in daily life.

Make your data actionable

Ways to strengthen sales & marketing efforts with your Customer Segmentation Data:

  • Use data trends to segment marketing lists and personalize content campaigns
  • Allocate marketing dollars to highest performing audience segments and sources
  • Narrow targeting for digital marketing campaigns and generate high-converting lookalike audiences
  • Understand market-level opportunities
  • Geo-target highest performing areas
  • And much more!